Water Entertainment 3 Wheel Bike

1. Wheels and seat are made of polyethylene, 15 years service life, without broken when hit together. 2. It hold 2-3 persons, 2 persons to pedal 3. Water tricycle frame is made of aluminum alloy, inside thiken 304 stainless steel

Product Details

Product Description

Product name

Water tricycle

Frame Material

Lightweight aircraft aluminum

Hull Material

High-density polyethylene

Seat & Back Rest

Cushioned and adjustable for added comfort

Grab Handles

Located under the hull make it easy to pull water Bike in and out of the water

Payment ways

T/T, Western Union , Paypal

Packaging Details

with durable and stronger Box for water bike

Delivery time

15-25days after payment


  1. Water Bike frame: aluminum alloy, bold inside 304SS tube

  2. PE seat hold 2-3 persons to seat, work for tourist 16 years without broken

  3. Three PE enlarge wheels for strong stability and safety

  4. Rear wheel widens water splash from water repellent blades, tourist have excellent experience


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