Colorful Wheels Water Bike

Occasion:resort place, commercial Combo Set Offered:≥6 Place of Origin:Shandong, China Brand Name:HEITRO Model Number:HDL-003 Age:>6 Years Category:water amusement equipment Model:HDL-003 Size:3.2x 2.0x 2.0m (10.5'x6.6'x6.6') Weight:90 kgs (198 lbs) Weight Capacity:180 kgs (397 lbs) or 2-3 persons. speed:10-18 km/h Material:High density Polyethlyene (PE). Color:yellow, red, green, orange or as required Delivery time:15 Working Days Brand:HEITRO Usage:Amusement

Product Details


UV resistant polyethylene plastic-the wheels and seat use the environmentally friendly&Recyclable materials.                                                                                Aluminium alloy frame-light weight and corrosion resistant.                                       Pedal system-use the thick motor cycle 428 chain,stainless steel chains do not rust.Wide wheels and seat design-suitable for two adults and one child.

Why our Water Trikes are Great Investments for You?

Summer time is coming. Summer time is often the premium season for water trikes. People of all ages want to ride water tricycles. For people all want to stay cool as well as heathy in summer. Water trikes can meet all these needs, for they traverse rivers and lakes to provide cool air for people. In addition, as people have to pedal the water trikes, they can work out themselves a little bit to stay fit. Here are some other advantages for your water tricycles businesses.

1.Low costs. As stated above, water tricycles for sale are with factory-direct pricing. So you can invest not much to start your own businesses.

2.Durable materials. Since all water trikes are mad of high quality and environmental friendly materials, they can last long to make huge money for you.

3.Low maintenance. water trikes are human powered, so there are no needs for oils, motors, and engines. As a result, you can just keep the minor maintenances to keep your water trikes tiptop for long period of time.

4.Custom ones. water tricycles come with different colors, sizes. And all of them are customizable.


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