Water Sports Tricycle

Model: New material water tricycle
Size(M): 3.0*2.0*2.0
Materials: PE +aluminium
Weight(KG): 150

Product Details



New material water tricycle




PE +aluminium



Carrying Capacity(KG)



2 adults and 1 child

In fact, water tricycles work the same way with water bikes. And the differences lie in that water trikes have three plastic wheels to provide buoyancy. And usually a water trike can hold two persons at a time, for the seat is often wide enough. When riders pedal, the rear two wheels will move and push water afterwards, which in return propel the water trike move forward. As for the front single wheel, it plays a great role in the turning directions. So as the three wheels cooperate, your water trikes will move smoothly on waters such as lakes, rivers, and shallow sea areas.



Colorful wheels and seat, can match or mix.


High enterment, driven by pedal, several people can take a car, and several groups can play game and arrange competition


Wheel material, frames material,and sunshade material can be choosed


Widely used, and also can print your logo on the water trike


Easy to Install or remove, high stability, excellent resistance against wind and waves

What to do if you need to make a claim.

You must notify us of any occurrence which might give rise to a claim as soon as possible.

You must send an email with photos, a description of what’s wrong, your name and contact phone number. The serial number and date of purchase must be included and match our records. A copy of your Rental and Maintenance Log for that water tricycle serial number will be required.

Upon confirmation of customer data by our company, we will contact you to discuss options for repair or replacement.

If it is necessary to ship the failed part for repair or replacement, the customer will be required to pay the cost of one-way shipping to the destination. 

We may make changes to or discontinue any of its models and related parts. Should a model or part not be available, we have the right to substitute parts that in our sole discretion are of comparable grade, quality and price. Should replacement of a wheel be necessary, color will be matched within the five color categories currently available without regard to fading, discoloration or match to other parts not being replaced.

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