3 Wheels Water Bicycle

Number of seat: 2
Color and Logo: as request
Time of making: 1pc/day
Loading: 7pc/20ft; 16pc/40ft

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Product name

3 big wheels water tricycle




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Number of seat


Color and Logo

as request

Time of making




Basic Performance

1. Smooth: double three buoy, established three body structure, lateral stability performance is superior to the traditional boat monomer structure greatly.

And the excellent performance, stable operation during the 2 meters high waves, rivers and lakes can be more stable!

2. Fast: combined with a gear, chain speed greatly improved, the normal speed, 8-13 km per hour up to 18 kilometers per hour, very entertaining.

3. Anti-rust anti-corrosion: gear box sealed, all the parts are rust anti-corrosion treatment, all can run in freshwater and seawater, does not rust, corrosion resistance.

Water tricycle is a new popular water recreational amusement project, the product is double pedal, fashion beautiful, unique appearance. Body is mainly composed of three coarse and large glass fiber reinforced plastic wheels, wheel appearance with water resistant glass fiber reinforced plastic resin gel (China classification society recognized), wheel tank foam filled with overall float however space, have very strong buoyancy.




A: Rear Wheel & Maintenance

The wheels are made of polyethylene plastic. This makes them impervious to most kinds of damage. However, it also makes them hard to repair if damage exists.

If water is getting into a rear wheel, most often it is coming in through small, almost invisible cracks in the center mounting area of the wheel. Remove the wheel from the rear axle, remove the wheel hubs and inspect the inner parts of the wheel. Look for hairline cracks or damage around or inside the bolt mounting holes.

If damage is found or suspected, clean off all sand, salt, dirt, moisture and oil, and remove any loose plastic. Scuff and scar the common surfaces of the wheel and hub that touch when assembled. Put clear GE Silicone II caulking around each bolt hole, over the small cracks and into the center axle hole.

Apply the caulking like toothpaste. Don’t spread it around. When the hub is inserted into the rear wheel, and the wheel is re-installed onto the axle, the caulking will spread around to cover the surfaces. After the wheel is re-installed on the water tricycle, let the caulking cure for at least 72 hours before putting it into the water.

Cracks in the center mounting area of the wheel are usually a result of over tightening the bolts when assembling the water tricycle. Over-tightening squeezes the plastic together and crushes the wheel center area. The nuts on the bolts should be snug, but not tight.

If a crack is found along the outside center seam of the rear wheel, clean off all sand, salt, dirt, moisture and oil, and remove any loose plastic. Use clear GE Silicone II caulking, forcing it into the crack. Let it cure for 72 hours before putting the water tricycle back into the water.

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