Water Amusement Single Pedal Bike With Polyethylene

We are the first manufacturer who produce environmentally-friendly polyethylene boat in China and until now we are the manufacturer that produces the most boats because we have all kinds of ship models and we always develop new ship types every year. Our factory founded in 2004, which has fifteen years in boat industry. We have mature technology and professional team. Our boats already sold to all over the China. Disney Resort located Shanghai Province is also our cooperation partner. We also have eight years experience for exporting different shape boats, such as, America, England, Dubai, Thailand, Sweden, Qatar, Indonesia,etc.

Product Details

Specification:                                                                                                88888888 

Material Advantages:
1.The hull is made of polyethylene-modified special material, which is sturdy, acid and alkali resistant,anti-impact and wear-resistant, maintenance-free, low-carbon and environmentally-friendly, and has a service life of up to 30 years.It can used in salt water.  And the material also added anti-ultraviolet and anti-oxidation.
2.Our boat is a rotomolding process, one-time molding, the hull has no joint gaps, so there will be no water leakage and it is very safe.
3.It is sturdier, faster and lighter than fiberglass boat.

                                                                                     Picture Showing:

23                                               4547                                                                      Comparison:                                                                                                       Material Advantage   

Certification:                                                                                               certification6                                                                                            FAQ:                                                                                                                                                      FAQ                                                                                          Contact Information:


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