Water Amusement Pedal Bike

Advantage: UV resistant polyethylene plastic -floating hulls use the environmentally friendly &Recyclable materials. Aluminium alloy frame-light weight and corrosion resistant. Double float design -made quickly head against the wind and waves. Sealed gear box-The inside chain will not rust if used in water for a long time. Convenient to shore-the Peopeller that can be raised and lowered.

Product Details









Water bike/water bicycle/ water cycle







Yellow, light blue, red, etc

Water bike/water bicycle/ water cycle







Yellow, light blue, red, etc

Buoys and other plastic parts:
Imports of high-strength high toughness of polyethylene UV

Frame and other metal parts:
Alloy layer of aluminum or steel with a rust

Company Development Goal                                                 With the tenet of leading China's water leisure and serving water and love water sports, the company takes innovation, quality and environmental protection as its business philosophy, and aims to produce high-end amusement equipment, and builds a leading enterprise in China's amusement equipment industry! With the world-class quality and service, we have created the "HEITRO" brand! Because the whole ship rotomolding products have great advantages in terms of performance and maintenance, it is the first goal of our company to vigorously promote this product technology and benefit its customers. Heitro Company is willing to cooperate sincerely with you to promote the development of water leisure sports!

Products Advantages

1. Low temperature resistance: Under strong low temperature, the material structure is not destroyed, deformed and cracked.

2. Non-toxic: Prosperous insulation materials do not contain any toxic substances. When decomposed at high temperature, harmful gases will not be produced.

3. Buffering property: The impact resistance and cushioning property of prosperous insulation material are the best for other insulation materials.

4. Other advantages: beautiful, a variety of colors for choice;

Product Description

1. Polyethylene material, anti-uv, no pollution and environmental.

2. Super stable beautiful cartoon designed body can meet different ages’ need.

3. More fast and efficient working together with the propeller.

4. Aluminum alloy material bike frame, which is stable and not easy to get rust.

5. Soft and comfortbale designed cushion, seat also can be adjusted forward and back to the best suitable location . 

6. Good quality and competitive price.

7. Easy to install and operate.

8. Many colors for choice, can customized color for large quantity.

Our Advantages

1. Heitro owns excellent design engineers in amusement industry

2. Heitro have R&d and innovation ability

3. Heitro can update the products according to the market demand

4. Our products have anti-shock capability, service life more than 20 years

5. Our products is handiness, firm, impact resistant, acid and alkali resistance, environment friendly

6. Materials are environment friendly and recycle


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