Water Park Pedal Boat

Product: Plastic boats for sale
Model: HDL-420
Hull construction: Rotomolded Polyethylene, shaped at one time
Material: Polyethylene(PE)

Product Details


Plastic boats for sale



Hull construction

Rotomolded Polyethylene, shaped at one time




4.20*1.50*0.95m (165"x59"x37")

Net weight


Weight capacity

4 people and 1 kid or 400kg


0.5m(19" )



Storage area

Built in

Max speed



Folding awning, tug wheel, soft cushion, boat cover


Yellow, white, green or as your demand


Woven bags; Bubble wrap; Iron framework or as your demand

Amusement pedal boat for amusement water park is an indispensable part.

In a sunny day together with your families, children or lover board the electric boat and appreciate the beauties of surroundings, forget all the worries and troubles, feel the quiet environment enjoy your life.

Electric Water Pedal Boats is the latest style of our boats at the end of 2018. PE hull and brand motor extended product life. The hull is guaranteed for three years and the motor is guaranteed for one year, which can bring you more profits. The most important is Tourists can pedal, listen to music and have something to drink on the boat, don’t feel bored. If Tourists are tired, they can choose to move forward by motor. The wide inner space give people a free and comfortable travel on boat. In this era, people who pay more attention to spiritual enjoyment than life. Amusement equipments will be more and more popular, take the opportunity to contact us!!!


Our Service

Our Service

Return Policy

1.We offer the best solutions and the best products to ensure buyers requirements.
2. We can arrange the most professional technical personnel to help buyers.
3. At any time, will promptly technical advice to help buyers

1. We accept returns within 30days. 
2. If the products you received has been defective,or the Item is incorrect due to seller's mistake, we will replace another new one of refund if stock out.
3. Return shipping is to be paid by the buyer.
4. 10% restocking fee will apply if open or used.


Products are guaranteed against all manufacturing faults, granted that the items are appropriately used, for twenty-four (24) months from the date of purchase upon presentation of the invoice. Warranty doesn’t include parts that are subject to wear and tear due to usage. We declines any liability to damages caused to things or persons by an illegitimate use of the product.


Why is there water in the boat below the drive-unit and driveshaft?

This is by design, and is part of the self-bailing feature of the boats. The normal level is just below the lower rearward pulley, but can vary according to how the boat is loaded with gear or passengers.

Who should I contact when I need replacement parts?

You may contact us directly at the factory either via E-mail at: info@cnheitro.com or 0086-13705355868

Do I need to winterize my boat?

First of all, we highly recommend storing your boat inside. We would also suggest that you drain the keels or bilge and cover the boat to keep the debris out. If you have an electric boat, we suggest disconnecting the battery after charging it fully and attaching a trickle charger.

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