PE Amusement Park Electric Boat

There are two types of drive you can choose, synchronous rubber belt pedal at the front of the boat and a 24v electric motor at the stern or match with outboard engine (gasoline/diesel).The pedal drive is driven by a rubber timing belt, with low resistance, quietness, easy pedaling, and Semi-recumbent luxury yacht seat design,or use motor to move, you and your tourist will have a more comfortable experience.

Product Details


HEITRO PE pedal boat HDL-420

Size (L*W*H)


Net weight


Loading capacity







Canopy, engine


1 set


Standard export packing, soft packing or as required



Lead time

within 15 days


one year warranty, professional after-sale service and lifelong free technical support.

Payment terms

30% T/T as deposit, and the balance paid by T.T before shipment or L/C at sight. Western Union, Escrow

Shipping port

Qingdao, Yantai, Shanghai or other Chinese main port


Products Advantages

1. You have good insight that to choose quadruple dual drive pedal boat with super performance use raw material PE with AO and UV in rotomolding technology,no connection and leak, more strong stability and safe, more than 15 years, no need maintain.After disposal, it can be recycled totally.

2. Due to our boat is a yacht design, the bow is relatively narrow, and tourists will shake slightly when boarding the boat. We added a double ballast keel design to the bottom of the boat.

3. There are  of the hull to give the hull super stability. Tourists are more safe and stability while driving, even when encountering waves; 

Our Service


My drive belt appears to be loose. How do I tension it?

Note that you can also refer to your Owner’s Manual:

Find the adjustment nut on the threaded rod underneath the drive unit. It is on the bow (front) side of the drive unit.

Loosen the retaining screw and turn the nut clockwise a turn or two. This should loosen the nut.

Turn the adjustment nut counter clockwise until it just starts to feel tight (This is the proper adjustment for belt tensioning; increased tightening of the nut will over-tension the belt and ultimately cause problems.).

Tighten the thumb set screw – this does not need to be over-tightened either as it only has to keep the nut from turning.


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