Polyethelene Material Four Seats Water Recreation Pedal Boat

Polyethelene Material Four Seats Water Recreation Pedal Boat

Material Comparison of Polyethylene and GFRP: Polyethylene:wear-resistance,impact resistance,not fade, life is more than double that of FRP products;streamlined design, wind and wave resistance;light weight, high speed. GFRP(Glass fiber reinforced plastics):bad wear-resistance, poor impact resistance, easy to fade, and short life;poor flexibility, bad wind and wave resistance;heavy weight, slow speed, maximum speed not exceeding 4km/h.

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After-Sale Service:
Besides the high quality machines, we also offer you professional after-sale service. These service programs include:
Installation support
We supervise installation and commission every single unit we provide, on client’s requests.
English documents support
We provide detail English operating manual and maintenance manual for each model of equipment. These manuals include lots of pictures to show the detail procedures for trouble shooting and spare parts replacement. All documents are carefully designed and easy for user to fellow.
Life time technical support
One-year warranty and free technical support.

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