What Are The Components Of The Ship's Power Unit?

- Jan 11, 2014-

The ship must be equipped with a complete set of power units and auxiliary equipment that meet the requirements of the specification before it can sail on the water. These power units include a ship main power unit, an auxiliary power unit, and the like.

1, The main power unit

The ship's main power unit is a marine engine. It is the heart of the ship and is the most important part of the ship's power equipment. Currently, Yamaha engines and Mercury engines are the preferred brands for small vessels such as small yachts, fishing boats and motor boats. Mercury Yamaha accessories mainly include:

(1) Host

A common name for engines that can generate propulsion power for ships, including various pumps and heat exchangers, piping systems, etc. that serve the main engine. At present, the main engine of the merchant ship is a marine diesel engine, followed by a steam turbine.

(2) Transmission

The equipment that transmits the power of the main engine to the propeller, in addition to transmitting power, can also be used for deceleration and shock absorption. The boat can also use the transmission equipment to change the direction of rotation of the propeller. The transmission equipment differs slightly depending on the type of main unit. It is generally composed of a reducer, a clutch, a coupling, a coupling, a thrust bearing and a ship shaft.

(3) Shafting and thrusters

Among the ship propellers, the propellers are the most widely used, and most of them adopt fixed-pitch or adjustable-pitch propellers; the ship shafting is a device that transmits the power from the main engine to the propeller. The main engine of the ship drives the propeller to rotate by the transmission and the shaft system to generate thrust, and overcome the hull resistance to make the ship advance or retreat.

2. Auxiliary power unit

The ship auxiliary power unit, also known as the "auxiliary machine", refers to the generator on the ship, which provides power for the ship under normal conditions and emergency situations. The ship power station is composed of electromechanical equipment such as an engine unit and a switchboard.

(1) Generator set

The motive power is mainly provided by the diesel engine. Based on the consideration of ship safety and reliability and easy maintenance and management, the large-scale ship is equipped with not less than two diesel generators of the same model, and multiple units can generate electricity at the same time as needed.

In order to save energy, some ships can use the drive shaft of the main engine to drive the generator to generate electricity (shaft generator) or use the residual heat of the main exhaust gas to generate low-pressure steam to promote the turbine generator set.

(2) Switchboard

It distributes, controls, transports, transforms, and transforms electricity to ensure the needs of all electric power dragging equipment and life, lighting, signals, and communications.