Things To Pay Attention To When Riding A Fishing Boat

- Mar 30, 2019-

In the spring season, many people want to travel and follow the pace of the spring breeze. Let's assume that we go to the beach to play. It is a very entertaining project to go fishing on a fishing boat. But for our own safety, today we have to explain the ride. Note the fishing boat when going out to sea, follow the small series to understand the pancreas.

First, before sailing:

1. Observe the sea conditions of the day and understand the situation of walrus and physical strength;

2. Plan the voyage, including time, route, and report.

3, To bring what you need, such as sunscreen, swimwear, equipment and so on.

Second, prepare fishing tackles and baits in advance: sea fishing is different from ordinary river fishing. It is best to use fishing tackles and fishing lures for sea fishing.

3. Do not drive the fishing boat to a non-designated sea area;

Fourth, do not chase and play on the fishing boat, you must know how to respect others.

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