The Impact Of Wind On Fishing Boats

- Mar 25, 2019-

1, Affecting the speed

Downwind will increase the speed, and upwind will reduce the speed. Driving downwind: fast speed. Strong momentum. Should pay attention to control, especially to prevent the stern from deviating from the wind direction, it may make the ship in the cross wind position, and the operation is difficult.

2. Make the ship heel

In the navigation or mooring of a ship, the wind acts on the wind receiving area of the ship's waterline to generate wind power, and its center of action is called the wind pressure center. The wind pressure center is at the _L of the ship's center of gravity, forming a heeling moment. Will cause the ship to produce heel.

3, Making the boat robbery drift

When the wind direction is at an angle to the ship's head and tail line, the hull will move to the downwind side. This side shift should be noted during navigation. Anti-scratch or stranded. When Park Yong will be deflected into the wind in the positive and vertical directions, and drift to the side of the wind.

4. Deflection of the ship

The deflection law is closely related to the change of the mutual position of the wind pressure center, the flow center and the ship's center of gravity. The deflection and drift often occur simultaneously. The law of deflection is as follows.

(1) The ship is in a static state, and the wind is deflected by the forward and forward winds, and the hull will tend to be close to the wind direction.

In a crosswind state. After the wind, the wind deflected the bow upwards until the hull was in a crosswind state.

(2) During the advancement of the ship, the wind coming from the front, the slow speed, the no-load, and the ship with a large wind receiving area will deflect the bow. A ship that is fast, heavy-loaded, and has a large wind-bearing area at the stern will deflect the bow against the wind, and the wind will be deflected against the wind.

(3) In the retreat of the ship, whether it is in front of the front or the wind in the right direction, the stern will deflect the wind, and the wind in front of the front is more pronounced than the wind.