Take A Pedal Boat To Watch The Scenery

- May 10, 2019-

Nowadays, people are more and more leisurely. They like to ride in the park on the weekend and ride on the pedal boat at the seaside. Here is a brief introduction on how to ride a pedal boat.

Under normal circumstances, the park pedal boat is made of plastic and powered by the rolling of the impellers on both sides. In recent years, there have been a lot of entertainment and relaxation projects in large and small lakes in various parks and scenic spots. Because the price of this item is relatively cheap, the taste is relatively high, and relatively safe, it is welcomed by the majority of tourists.

When you start a park pedal boat on the lake, you need certain skills. There are certain requirements for hand and brain coordination, so you can enjoy leisurely sightseeing on the lake.

electric boat1

1. Towards the side, the arm should be straight;

2. Extend the paddle into the water;

3. Pull the two sides of the paddle back and borrow the strength of the whole body;

Each stroke must be carried out with the same action. The power used by each paddle should be averaged. One of the more basic skills is to “face the danger and pull hard”. Because this pull is particularly powerful, many people use this method to slow down or retreat the ship. There are two ways to change the angle of the ship: single-blade rolling means that only one paddle is used. When one paddle is swiped, the other paddle is on the water surface, which will cause the ship to carry out some retreat and retreat movement; This method requires some skill, that is, pulling another paddle while pushing one paddle, so that the hands move in the opposite direction. The double-blade maneuver will make the boat turn faster and turn around the center. This technique is mostly used when the ship is going straight in large waves, setting the angle of the ship towards the ferry or turning the ship.

The above content will be introduced here first. I hope everyone will pay attention to safety and play when they are playing.