Precautions For Using Fishing Boats In Spring

- Feb 10, 2019-

When spring comes, people want to fish and start to feel like they are going to go fishing. Isn’t it a pleasure to take a fishing boat to go fishing? However, the use of fishing boats in the spring should pay attention to:

First, in the spring of the north, after receiving the fishing boat, it is used after 10 hours at room temperature. This is to prevent the material from becoming hard due to low temperature and accidental damage under the action of external force.

Second, any fishing boat will have air leakage, which is very normal, pay attention to timing qi.

Third, in the use of the ground to ensure that the ground is flat, it is strictly prohibited to scratch the surface of the fishing boat with sharp objects.

In order to enjoy the fun of fishing, you should pay attention to the above three points when using the fishing boat. If you need to buy a fishing boat, please contact us!