Introducing The Use Of Life Jackets

- Mar 05, 2019-

Life jackets are required on the water. Of course, the fishing boat is also indispensable. Today, the small manufacturer of the fishing boat manufacturer will introduce the use of the life jacket on the fishing boat. I believe it will help you:

The life jacket is one of the necessary life-saving equipment for the ship. Its function is to make the face exposed to the water surface when the water is on the water surface, and it can also keep warm to prevent the body from losing heat.

Type of life jacket

Life jackets are available in plastic, kapok and inflatable

1 Plastic life jacket

The sealing foam is used as the buoyancy material, and the thin canvas is the outerwear material. It is simple to manufacture, easy to wear and durable. It is the most commonly used life jacket. Put it on your neck when you wear it, tie your belt and tighten the neckline.

2 Kapok life jacket

There is about 1Kg of pure kapok as buoyancy material, the kapok is wrapped into many small bags with waterproof material, the life jackets are distributed, and the thin canvas is used as the outer covering material. Kapok life jackets are very warm, and ships that often sail in cold areas often use such life jackets. Such a life jacket should be noted that if the waterproof material is damaged and the kapok is directly soaked in sea water, the floating time will be greatly affected.

3 Inflatable life jacket

Relying on the buoyancy of the air, the double-layer rubber cloth is used as the air chamber interlayer, and the whole life jacket has two independent air chambers, and one air chamber is disabled to meet the buoyancy requirements. There is a pneumatic tire in the gas chamber, and there are inflatable tubes on both sides of the chest to blow the air with the mouth; some use mechanical blowing. The inflatable life jacket is small in size and easy to engage in various operations after wearing, and is only allowed to be used by the crew.