How To Maintain The Rubber Boat Is Also A Technology

- Jan 15, 2019-

1, UV protection (UV)

Frequently used boats will suffer from a lot of light. Either buy a high-polyamide fiber boat that can withstand the damage of UV light, or you need to make a canvas cover for a PVC boat. Depending on where and when you sail, the light storage storage boat can extend its life. However, make sure the boat is not too cold - it will degrade the material near freezing or freezing temperatures.

2, Keep it as inflated as possible

Resting the inflatable rubber boat in a deflated state accelerates the separation, friction and damage of the seam. It should be inflated to the pressure state recommended by the manufacturer, and, over time, many rubber boats will leak and should be inspected and inflated at regular intervals.

3, "old carpet" skills

If you want to dock on an old pier, seawall or bollard where the barnacles are infested, carry an old carpet on the boat to protect your rubber boat. Just hang the carpet over the pipe on the shore before you stop.

4, Cleaning

If possible, wash your boat with fresh water and clean the stuck sand and salt when you use it. Even wiping with a damp rag will work. If you must use soap, use a mild dish soap.

5, Avoid using detergent

Do not use multi-purpose cleaners, brighteners, or any other commercial item on your inflatable rubber boat, just wash it with clean fresh water.

6, The correct inflation step

When inflating your raft or boat, fill each chamber in a clockwise direction along the boat until it is formed. Then, fill each plenum in the opposite direction of the ship to the pressure level indicated by the particular vessel. Don't over-inflate, when done, there should be only a small amount of "space" pressed by the thumb.