Fishing Boat Mooring Manipulation Essentials

- Feb 15, 2019-

In addition to anchoring the ship securely outside the anchorage, the anchor of the fishing boat can also play the following roles:

1. Emergency braking

Anchoring is used to suppress the forward thrust of the ship. At the same time as reversing, the first anchor is thrown off to make the ship stop urgently.

2. Control traverse

When the ship is docked, it is often used to open the anchor to control the lateral movement of the moon white to the dock, and to open the anchor to control the forward speed.

3. Help turn around

U-turns in narrow waters, such as water depth and river bed bottoms suitable for anchoring, often using the method of anchoring the head, so that the ship can successfully fall over.

4. Suppress deflection

When the ship needs to retreat over a long distance, in order to ensure that the ship can make a linear motion, in the case of the riverbed permit. The first anchor can be thrown to stop the anchor chain, forming a drag anchor and achieving the purpose of suppressing the bow deflection.

5. Assist in detachment

After the ship is stranded, it is often possible to use a small boat to transport the anchor to a distant place (in the direction of the wind and the direction of the flow) and then tow the anchor cable to make the ship shallow.