Fishing Boat Fixing Method

- Feb 05, 2019-

The way to fix fishing boats can be divided into several types:

1. Inserting rods: Generally, when the water depth is 2, 3 meters and no more than 4 meters, light metal pipes are used, and every 7 and 80 centimeters are connected by two screw holes. The head end is sharp and cone-like. The solid metal rod is inserted into the bottom of the mud. Use 2 to 4 to fix the ship.

2. Bottom anchor fixing: The anchor is divided into several types, and the metal anchor is foldable and unfoldable. Anchor stone, simple and self-made, use the fish net to load the stone on the spot, and anchor the bottom to anchor the fishing boat.

3, By means of water solid: fixed anchorage fishing, such as wooden stakes, water plants, tree shrews, cages, etc., tied with ropes on the fixtures in the water.

The above is the fixed method of the fishing boat, you can find out.