Fishing Boat Commonly Used Engine Brand

- Jan 30, 2019-

At present, domestic yachts and fishing boats use mainly motors for imported engines. The brands include Suzuki, Yamaha, Volvo and Mercury.

Classified by installation method,

1. The external machines are mostly gasoline engines such as Suzuki, Yamaha, and American Mercury.

Among them, Yamaha is the most used brand among domestic fishing boats, and most manufacturers generally use this brand. Because of the large amount of use, it is convenient to use and maintain. However, due to the excessive number of agent manufacturers in recent years, it is inevitable that the market is relatively chaotic and there is a high degree of chaos. Moreover, Yamaha is not durable in the complicated sea conditions, and the fault is relatively more.

The use of Mercury in the United States has gradually increased in recent years. However, due to the relatively strict sales management of the brand products, the domestic agent is mainly an agent, and the agent management is strict. Although the price is relatively higher than that of Yamaha, the product quality is relatively stable. more durable.

Suzuki is an alternative brand, mostly used in small-power yachts. Because of its low power, the market is not used very much, and maintenance is not very convenient.

2, Inside and outside the string with the United States Mercury and Volvo use volume, which Volvo single machine order cycle is generally 5 months, because of its international security brand strategy, many users are willing to choose, but the higher price is the same model of the US Mercury 1.5-2 times, although the performance is stable, due to the price and delivery cycle, there is no Mercury in the domestic use, and the maintenance is not very convenient.

Due to the large domestic use of Mercury in the United States, the corresponding after-sales service is also relatively complete. Moderate price/performance ratio.