What should I pay attention to when waxing a pedal boat?

- Apr 25, 2019-

Polishing wax protects moisture, paint scratches and burning effects, and the correct use can make the park's boat more shiny. But if used improperly, not only will not produce good results, but it will also affect the appearance of the ship. Here are a few issues to be aware of when pedaling boats are waxed.

First, check the film surface intact before use. Wipe the surface with a soft cloth, keep it for too long or it is difficult to remove the stain, and remove it with a small amount of petrol or alcohol. Then use a small piece of cloth to polish the wax and disperse it, and evenly spread the wax with a larger dry cloth to avoid leaving traces of wax as a standard. If the wax is too much, it will not only leave streaks and spots, but also affect the gloss. The paint will soften for a long time and is not easy to remove. Do not use polishing wax to change frequently.

Second, the area where the paint has been damaged should be treated with priority. The scratched surface has no depth and traces of wood and can be used directly for partial polishing of wax. Only the surface of the paint layer, you can use a fine water sandpaper to gently remove the stain, and then wax. Similar color shoe polish can also have the same effect. The white circle leaves the cup in the film, hand rubbing a small amount of vegetable oil, rubbing with a piece of cloth, if you do not remove the traces of dry, you can soak a piece of cotton in warm water, drop a few drops of ammonia eraser, wax. The darker part of the scratch is sanded.