What is the principle of water bicycle?

- Apr 15, 2019-

Water cycling originated in Canada, comfortable, comfortable and safe. Its seat height can be adjusted, the handlebar is racing type, easy to handle, the ankle can be squatted back and forth, forward or backward, and if you feel tired, Stopping your feet and "suspending" on the water is very leisurely.

The water bike rides very lightly and can reach 8 to 1 km per hour, but you don't have to worry about its safety. It will never have the risk of “overturning” and there is no strict age limit, suitable for both young and old. Water bikes can be used for single rides, or they can be combined together. The two can work together to advance together and experience the joy of unity and collaboration.

The weight of a person is calculated according to 80Kg. The front and rear water skis should be able to generate large buoyancy. The handle is a conductive component of the power. The pressure is pressed down and the front skateboard is upturned. There is a reset device when there is no pressure. The front skateboard and the handle are active links with a reset. The water bicycle can be considered to be a hydraulic reset or a plate spring reset, and the handle can also drive the front skateboard to control the direction of travel.