What is the difference between pedal boats and hand rowing?

- Feb 25, 2019-

Pedaling maneuvering mode: There is a steering problem in the forward and backward movement of the boat. The boat turns the yaw to make the boat turn left or turn right. The direction of the boat is basically the same as that of the car, with a steering wheel. The steering wheel passes the direction lever and is connected with the steering wheel sprocket to drive the rudder. The rudder side moves back to the left or right, making the boat turn left and right. It has good durability. Sex, when turning left and right, as long as the steering wheel is gently hit, the hull will move forward according to your direction.

Hand rowing is a kind of water amusement equipment that is made of PEPP with high impact resistance, high density and UV resistance. It provides power and stability through the rotation of the impellers on both sides. It is a popular way of playing in the parks, swimming pools, scenic spots and other mobile water parks in summer. Because of its safety and fun, it is favored by children and parents.

The cartoon image of the hand-boating is vivid and caters to the tastes of the children. It is very popular among children. At the same time, the children's hand-cranked boat also has a strong puzzle effect: it not only exercises the coordination ability of the child's hands, eyes and brain, but also develops the child's intelligence in the process of entertainment.

The popularity of pedal boats and hand-cranked boats is similar, but the hand-cranked boats are shallow in water and can be placed in places such as inflatable pools for easy movement. The pedal boat has a deeper draft and may have to be placed in a place with a little water depth, which is not convenient to move.