What caused the electric boat to burn?

- Apr 30, 2019-

During the use of electric boats, there are often three common phenomena: reverse switch burnout, motor burnout, and drive shaft leakage! In order to customer service and above, the technical elites of the Arc desserts have overcome the above problems through comparison, experimentation and continuous exploration and practice:

First of all, it is the problem of burning the switch.

Cause of electric boat burning: The rated current that the switch can withstand is less than the rated current that the motor can carry; the rated current that the wire can carry is less than the rated current that the switch can withstand; the rated current that the line card can carry is less than the rated current that the switch can withstand; Connection is incorrect

Solution: Ensure that the load-carrying current parameters of the switch, motor, wire and line card match each other; use the switch of the well-known manufacturer and other auxiliary materials; before the switch is connected, the special quality inspector uses the universal meter to measure.

electric motor fishing boat

Second, the problem of motor burning

Causes of electric boat burning: Some reasons are similar to those of the above-mentioned reverse switch burning. This is not repeated; the brush motor is used, the DC brush motor has high speed, the load characteristics are poor, the DC brushless motor has good controllability, and the load characteristics belong to Flexible, can be compensated by changing the pulse signal, and is often used as a stepper motor or a servo motor.

Solution: The current is the same as above; use the marine traction brushless DC motor produced by well-known motor manufacturers to eliminate the use of brush motor

Again, it is the leakage of the drive shaft.

Cause of water leakage: the contact between the drive shaft flange and the FRP is not tight enough; the water seal is worn; the bearing wears