The future market for water bikes is huge

- May 15, 2019-

With people's deeper understanding and understanding of water amusement facilities, people's safety considerations and fitness considerations for water recreation are increasing. Water bicycles are considered for various safety issues in design and production, and appropriate when playing. It is ok to install a water life jacket for the individual. Fitness is convenient. Everyone on the land bicycle is already a good fitness equipment. It is also a good fitness equipment in the water.

sea bike

Water bicycle is a water amusement facility that has emerged in recent years. His knack is to use the rotation of the chain to drive the paddle. The reverse force of the water is used to push forward. The weight of the person is calculated according to 80Kg. The front and rear water skis should be able to produce Large buoyancy, the handle is the conductive part of the power, pressed down hard, the front slide is upturned; there is a reset device when no pressure is applied. The front skateboard and the handle are active links with a reset, which can be considered as a hydraulic reset or a plate spring reset, and the handle can also drive the front slide to control the direction of travel.