Pedal boat resistance calculation method

- Jan 30, 2019-

In the course of action, there is a need to speed up the process in order to achieve higher yields. The forward research of the pedal boat includes two aspects. One is to study the resistance encountered when the ship sails. From the perspective of power, how many effective energy-consuming ships, two are the research equipment for thrust to overcome the resistance, and the propulsion system includes The efficiency of the mainframe and public transportation systems and propellers.

The calculation method of electric resistance can not express any resistance in a mathematical way at a certain speed due to the different geometry, form, size, data surface roughness speed of the underwater hull of the data table, sailing waters and other factors. Test results.

The purpose of ship resistance is to study the law of resistance change and improve the ship shape to reduce the pain of resistance. The purpose of the propeller is to design a good performance and specification is appropriate and the efficiency of the propeller is high.

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