Polyethylene Cruise With Electric Engine Boat

Cruise is very fast, high performance engine with 60-90 horsepower, speed can reach 30 knots above, the entire ship technical index is very high, the material ratio reached its peak with the ship types.· Cruise is also a professional entry level yacht, can offer entry-level captain's largest professional driving pleasure! When the speed to 28 knots, the hull contact surface is only 1/3, speed to 35 knots above is almost in discount flight.

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1.The designers of Cruise to a variety of mission of this ship, it can match different engine, professional operation for the river and lake basin.

2. Cruise is a reef shipping a single pilot, outboard equipment 40-90 horsepower, a strong impetus to ensure 6 occupants, bow installed for special armrest, reef design is safe and reliable, under seat is a large capacity storage space, which can store life jackets and equipment, bridge multiple functions the reserved installation space of each device, can install the steering wheel, the magnetic compass, search lights, radar navigation, VHF equipment, power supply socket, circuit switch panel, can charge for your IPHONE and other mobile phone. The top and sides of driving table and also install handrails, the whole ship handrail without dead angle, to ensure the safety of in driving. The driving seat in the spacious side by side with 2 tank to capacity, in order to facilitate the driver to be prepared against want. In the driving seat in the rear side of the frame install all the radar electronic search navigation equipment function, but also for the stern launching ladder regional or swimmers aboard do good boarding the handrail.

3. The hull of boat can be tilted 70 degrees and smooth, fast turning can be tilted 51 degrees radius is minimum, and can greatly reduce aerodynamic drag, double tank system ensure the sailing back and forth oil is sufficient and safe and reliable. Cruise hull material can meet the demanding requirements of different marine environment and dock, its surface is not paint material , itself has elasticity, it can be docked to any berth, even cement terminal, it can run aground, silt but don't dye, not deformation, it can be on the rocks and after a rebound will not hole, it can be placed in any location, regardless of the sun, wind, water, it almost never ageing and its hull does not adsorb any sea creature, can do it permanently free maintenance. Its density is lighter than water, in itself a huge raft, to achieve a true sense of the unsinkable.




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