Electric Yacht

Product: HEITRO BBQ leisure boat
Type: BBQ Leisure Boat 6 persons
Material: LLDPE +SS+ Aluminum floor
Net Weight: 300 kgs

Product Details



HEITRO BBQ leisure boat


BBQ Leisure Boat 6 persons


LLDPE +SS+ Aluminum floor

Net Weight

300 kgs

Loading capacity

6-9 persons / 800 kgs


Orange, Blue, Purple, Red, Green, Gray, Black





Diameter of boat

250 cm

Depth of boat

83 cm

Working time

About 2-4h depends on speed

Charging time

About 6-8 hours


5 KM/h

Standard Accessories

one 12v electric engine,
four batteries,
one carbon fiber sunshade dia 255cm,
one PE table dia 95cm,
one BBQ grill and oven,
one bilge pump,
one charger etc.
one tool kit.




By iron frame

Lead time

Min within 15 days.

People are going wild for this unique round boat.

Perfect for intracoastal waterways, lakes and calm harbors, the BBQ Party Boat offers you the experience of grilling and enjoying your favorite meal while motoring on the water with ever-changing scenery. Although this boat is round, it features a hard hull that has many advantages.

Family, Friends and Business 

Not only does the BBQ Party Boat provide days of family fun, it also is a great way to promote your business. Treat your employees, guests and clients to this unique experience. Take it to events or fairs. Because it is vividly eye-catching, on water or land, it draws attention wherever it is.

Materials & Equipment

The BBQ Party Boats are built with craftsmanship and feature high quality materials and components.

Hard Shell Hull

The boats are made from your choice of high density polyethylene or fiberglass and come standard with a Honda Outboard Motor.


Packages are available with great features such as the low-smoke grill, folding sunshade, LED rainbow lighting, MP3 player and sound system, ice beverage bowl, under-seat storage and more. See our packages for more features and specifications.

Boat Excursion Packages

All packages are subject to availability with reservations required. Purchase with a credit card, gift certificate or Pre-Paid Coupon.

BBQ & Beverage Excursion

1.5 to 2 hours

●Instructions how to operate and drive the boat

(or Captain if needed)

●All safety equipment, life vests etc.


●Barbecue Utensils

●Charcoal and starter

●Gas for outboard motor



●Cooler and Ice

●Plates, Knives, Forks, Napkins

●Waterway map and guide

Special Event Excursion With BBQ & Beverage

2 to 2.5 hours

Holidays and Special Days, including Special Requests by YOU. i.e. Birthdays, Anniversarys, Graduations, etc.

Instructions how to operate and drive the boat

(or Captain if needed)

All safety equipment, life vests etc.


Barbecue Utensils

Charcoal and starter

Gas for outboard motor



Cooler and Ice

Plates, Knives, Forks, Napkins

Waterway map and guide

Special Event Surprise

Sunset Cruise

1 to 1.5 hours


●All safety equipment, life vests etc.


●Gas for outboard motor

●Bottled water

Basic Boat Rental

3 Hours: Rent The Boat

●Instructions how to operate and drive the boat

●All safety equipment, life vests etc.


●Gas for outboard motor

●Waterway map and guide

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