Boat With LED Lights

We are the first manufacturer who produce environmentally-friendly polyethylene boat in China and until now we are the manufacturer that produces the most boats because we have all kinds of ship models and we always develop new ship types every year.

Product Details

pedal boat-26

Products Advantages

HDL-416 all-plastic leisure boat is made of imported high-strength anti-ultraviolet polyethylene material, which is green and environmentally friendly. Using the new type of rolling plastic yacht technology, the hull is once shaped, strong and durable, anti-impact and wear resistance, high safety, maintenance-free, and service life can reach more than 30 years.

Comparison of Polyethylene and GFRP


GFRP(Glass fiber reinforced plastics)

wear-resistance,impact resistance, not fade, life is more than double that of FRP products.

bad wear-resistance, poor impact resistance, easy to fade, and short life.

streamlined design, wind and wave resistance.

poor flexibility, bad wind and wave resistance.

light weight, high speed.

heavy weight, slow speed, maximum speed not exceeding 4km/h.

After-sales service

* One year guarantee for whole machine except of quick-wear part

* 24 hours technical support by email/phone

* Calling, network or door-to-door service

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