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HEITRO is a amusement facilities manufacturer offering safe and constructive play environments for all ages to promote physical, cognitive, emotional and cultural development. Simple to use, simple to set up, lightweight and compact to carry or stow. The quality of HEITRO comes from the top technical team, the rigorous innovation management concept;Environmental science;The cost is scientific and deeply received by the general customer's praise.The company adheres to the principle of "customer first", continuously develops and innovates, with the technology as the core, wholeheartedly provides the advanced technology for the general customers, the high quality product, the exquisite service.

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Yantai Heitro Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd

Yantai Heitro Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd is located in the coastal city-Yantai, Shandong province, China which was founded in 2004. As a professional manufacturer, we specialized in producing PE paddle boat, water bike and tricycle, kayak, inflatable boat and other products, BBQ leisure boat, cruise and other water amusement facilities for more than 16 years.

No motor, no pollution, trouble-free operation, just pedal and go! Our premier quality long life water paddle boats are friendly to the environment and aquatic life. Rental operators will enjoy a unique, high profit business with years of revenues generation! We are your factory direct distributor of genuine water bikes and pedal boats.

Comparison of Polyethylene and GFRP
GFRP(Glass fiber reinforced plastics)
wear-resistance,impact resistance, not fade, life is more than double that of FRP products.
bad wear-resistance, poor impact resistance, easy to fade, and short life.
streamlined design, wind and wave resistance.
poor flexibility, bad wind and wave resistance.
light weight, high speed.
heavy weight, slow speed, maximum speed not exceeding 4km/h.
Products Description
Clean Footprint

This boat are electrically powered. Unlike most propeller boats that use fuel to operate, It's powered by two rechargeable, 12v marine batteries. These efficient batteries can run for up to 6-8 hours, then easily recharge. The environmentally clean also has a solar panel option, making them even more efficient. The solar panel option increases efficiency by approximately 40%! The boatalso includes a handy LED volt meter that visually displays the charge level of the batteries.

Easy All Around

It's so easy to drive, even kids can steer! Two simple switches allow the boat to maneuver forward or back, right or left, and even in a complete 360°. This simplistic operation also allows for uncomplicated docking. While many boats can be cumbersome to take in and out of the water.It's easy to maneuver on and off trailers, park next to docks, and even fit in tight spaces. The high maneuverability is attributed to the unique rudderless, thrust design and the boat’s simple controls.


The comfy “chaise lounge” chair lets boaters adjust seating positions, so sun worshippers can enjoy lounging flat.The boatt is also uber-quiet, so taking one out early in the morning or late into the evening won’t wake the neighbors or disturb wildlife. Not to mention, it’s So relaxing– quietly floating on your oversized lounge chair!
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