Relaxing Family Boat

Our factory founded in 2004, which has fifteen years in boat industry. We have mature technology and professional team. Our boats already sold to all over the China. Disney Resort located Shanghai Province is also our cooperation partner. We also have eight years experience for exporting different shape boats, such as, America, England, Dubai, Thailand, Sweden, Qatar, Indonesia,etc.

Product Details


Boat Diameter

2.5 m

Sunshade Diameter

2.5 m


300 kg

Dining-table Diameter

0.95 m

Max Loading Capacity

6 people


Electric Propeller

Charging Time

10 hour

Time of Endurance

8 hour

Max Speed


Power System


Grade of Wind Resistance

lower than 7.9m/s(4-grade wind)

Grade of Wave Resistance

Wave height 0.3m; burst wave height 0.5m


◎ The company has excellent designers in the industry                             

◎ With continuous research and development, R&D and innovation capabilities with independent intellectual property products                                             

◎ With advanced market insight ability, continuously update products according to market demand ◎ The company's products can't be broken, not bad, not sinking, and the service life is up to 30 years.                                                             

◎ All products are light and sturdy, impact resistant, acid and alkali resistant, pollution free ◎ Product materials and design are green, recyclable



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